Turkcell Superonline provides end-to-end and protected solutions to Turkey, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Caucasus and Turkic Republics with DWDM and MPLS services.

Capacity Services

DWDM capacity services of Turkcell Superonline provide services to Turkey, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Caucasus and the Turkic Republics with its peer-to-peer and protected line interconnections.

Our service product catalog about the services we provide over 100G automatic and fast-switching technologies comprises the following services:

  • Protected wavelength services from 1G Gbps to 100 Gbps: 1G, 1​0G, 100G over DWDM
  • Protected or unprotected network design based on customer need
  • Access with low delay and low package loss
  • Dedicated capacity service
  • Service levels guaranteed with Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • 7x24 active line monitoring

Turkcell Superonline may provide the relevant lines to major European cities through stand-alone routes with many protection and redundancy scenarios together with 5 European border crossings it ensured with its own infrastructure. Again, with 7 eastern border crossings it ensured with its own infrastructure, it may render services to Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, the Turkic Republic and Caucasus.

By means of this service, it offers Leased Line service to its customers.

Ethernet Services

Turkcell Superonline offers its customers with ​​the state-of-the-art Ethernet services in its own fiber infrastructure. Its service product catalog comprises peer-to-peer, manageable and protected solutions as well as connection solutions customized based on customer needs.
The basic features and benefits Turkcell Superonline Ethernet services have are as follows:

  • Dedicated band width and high performance
  • Scalable band widths from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Cost advantageous solutions according to leased line technology
  • Commissioning the customer service more swiftly using the network resources more efficiently
  • Use of MPLS traffic management efficiently
  • Expert project installation teams and peer-to-peer installation support
  • Secure and service guaranteed band width
  • Performance optimization with Ethernet-over-MPLS and Ethernet-over DWDM technologies
  • Scalability based on the application needs
  • Reducing the period of return on investment by determining the optimum unit costs
  • Ability to offer flexible access methods in a wider range of different geographies

Our service portfolio comprises the following services:


Since Turkcell Superonline network infrastructure has N x 100G DWDM technology investment, new transmission technologies are available on the network as ready for being used. In certain cases where all the segments of the network do not package-based transmission, the Ethernet-over-DWDM technology continues to be used.

Turkcell Superonline Ethernet-over-DWDM services allow Ethernet services to be transmitted over DWDM network. Thus, it may be ensured that Ethernet services are provided over 1G / 10G / 100G interfaces.

By means of this service, it offers Leased Line service to its customers.


Although there are various ways of offering Ethernet services, it may be stated that Ethernet-over-MPLS is the service solution coming to the forefront most recently due to the fact that it supports the mesh connection structure, allows for VPN infrastructure and supports the parameters of Quality of Service (QoS). Turkcell Superonline is capable of providing the Ethernet-over-MPLS services from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps over its protected 100G infrastructure.
By means of this service, it offers Point to Point Metro Ethernet service to its customers.

Customer Quotes

In partnership with Turkcell Superonline, this IP Transit PoP in Istanbul sets new performance and reliability standards for Turkey and the Middle East. For KPN International this development builds on an already strong position in Turkey. As an international carrier that already provides SDH & Next-Generation-Network services in Turkey, we have always recognized the importance of Turkey as the traditional business gateway between East and West – and this is all the more true in the digital age.

Edwin Punt
Former Product Manager​
KPN International ​​​​